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Thorin/Bilbo Fic Recs.



Making love in furs

Summary: Thorin laying Bilbo down on his furs and coat, and making love to him.

Five Times Bilbo Asks for a Cuddle, and One Time They Ask Him

Warning!! (I think it will be Thilbo)

Summary: Bilbo is not used to sleeping out of doors, in the rain, and he didn’t exactly pack correctly for a journey. Admittedly, he may have whined a bit. After some bit of exasperation Thorin decrees that the dwarves will take turns spooning him to sleep to keep him warm. 


A Song For You

Summary: Bilbo is surprised by what he finds when he is awoken one night. 

Showing Ways of Thanks

Summary: Thorin gave Bilbo a kiss as the reward for saving his life.


A Hobbit’s Business

Summary: In Rivendell, Bilbo Baggins receives a golden necklace from a certain dwarf, thus causing him to learn much more about dwarven courtship than he’s ever bargained for. And as they soon realize, curiosity and worse has taken both sides, thus changing the very fabrics of their journey.

Our Hobbit, From The Jaws of Hell

Summary: A fic in which Bilbo is used as bait by the Pale Orc to lure Thorin to his (potential) death. Set after Bilbo protects Thorin from decapitation.

Of Mead, Rights, and Sleep

Summary: Bilbo is propositioned by another dwarf. Thorin does not approve.

A Soft Touch

Summary: Bilbo is there and everything is right again.


Summary: On a cold night on their journey, Bilbo finds some unexpected, but possibly welcome, company beside him.

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